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  • Manila, Philippines
    Last On: 4 hours ago

    Will i ever have a try?

    Its been a month of my membership and subscription on this app i thought my life will change but not even a single experience meeting a client. I really dont know how this works whether there’s something wrong with my post or either the market is all about pre op. Well i had a not so lovely experience posting an ad telling the world of my transition made me felt its like a form of circus nor a freak show. But im not scared to try something new. Good luck everyone and i guess i have to say goodbye to this site. Thank you!

  • In Houston till the 23rd Now

    I am 15 minutes from the IAH Airport so Don't miss out ! call now to book your apts now

  • Las Vegas, NV
    Last On: 20 Oct, 17:43

    Las Vegas Innie Coming Soon!

    Yes, you might be able to come see me at my location soon, if you play your cards right...

    Talk soon,

    Stefani Special

  • Las Vegas, NV
    Last On: 4 hours ago

    Massage B2B And Full Services Shemale in Las Vegas

    Hi all I'm Linda here who's looking for a good shemale service. Please look at me. I can do everything What do you want me to be? Top and bottom What kind of *** do you want? Please tell me I have a big **** and pretty My *** is clean, you see, then you have a common temper. I live in Las Vegas and enjoy it! You will not be disappointed of course, please contact me. whats App / call +1 3233913023 see you soon Happy waiting for you

  • Houston, TX
    Last On: 4 hours ago


    I’m not here to make anyone feel sorry for me or have pity. I just wanna meet some nice Considerate people. I appreciate the support a few still give me & maybe this weekend can go a little better than this last week. Have a great weekend.

  • Seattle, WA
    Available Now

    A Great day!

    Hey everyone! Random fact about me. This day in 2006, I shipped out for Ft.Benning Georgia to train to be in the U.S Army Infantry. Anyway that was just a random fact, let's not stick around that topic too long.
    Today is beautiful! Let's get together and enjoy some wine, Pop Corn and a SCARY MOVIE!!! Take me on Halloween themed date today, Gentlemen. Can't wait to meet you. xoxo


  • Arrived in Houston Tx yesterday

    I’m on imperial DR exit 15 mins from the airport call if you want to set up an appointment

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